HADAR Photo Supply Agencies Ltd.



"Hadar" is a leading company in Israel in the field of Digital Imaging and Photographic Equipment.

The company was established in 1964 by Mr. Moshe Inditzky and is owned today by the Inditzky family.

Its main office and logistic center are situated in the very business center of Tel-Aviv.

It has its own repair shop with a well trained service and support team.

It has ISO 9001:2000 certificate.


"Hadar" is, among others, the exclusive distributor in Israel of Nikon Corporation, Japan for digital cameras, lenses, scanners and binoculars.

In addition, "Hadar" is the Distributor in Israel of the following companies:


  • Sanyo : Video cameras
  • Velbon : Tripods
  • Delkin : Memory cards and accessories
  • Team : Memory cards
  • Cokin : Camera lens filters
  • Tetenal : Photo chemicals
  • Jobo: Photo lab equipment
  • Harman : Kentmere photo paper
  • Broncolor : Flashes and lighting equipment for studios
  • Gossen : Exposure and light meters
  • Foba : Studio equipment
  • Print File : Archival storage files.
  • LPL : Enlargers and dark room equipment
  • Sinar : Studio cameras
  • Liesegang : Projectors
  • Enna : Picture projectors
  • Da-Lite : Projection screens


"Hadar" works only with reliable suppliers with whom it had developed along the years solid business relationships. At the same time, Hadar is always seeking new products and technologies to the satisfaction of its many customers.


"Hadar" sales network in Israel covers on the one hand the photo shops, the main chain stores (such as Office Depot, Big-Box, Electric Stores…), Hi Tech companies, Industrial Companies, Government Institutions, Academic Institutes and more…, on the other hand direct sales to large employers organizations and consumers’ clubs.


"Hadar" wide range of products is intended for all kinds of photography customers, from photography amateurs to the most professional photographers including newspapers’ and magazines’ reporters. Hadar also supplies equipment needed by photography schools for photography students.

"Hadar" is also sponsoring photography events.


"Hadar" success and good name is based on many years of experience in the field of photography, the diversity and the high quality of products offered, the excellent service and highly qualified staff.




"Hadar" Contact details:


  • Office:

36 Achad Ha’am str.


Tel: 03-5603947

Fax: 03-5603905

Email: hadarpht@netvision.net.il


  • Shop:

38 Achad Ha’am str.


Tel: 03-5604868

Fax: 03-5602567

Email: photohdr@netvision.net.il


  • Repair shop:

38 Achad Ha’am str.


Tel: 03-5605343

Fax: 03-5666543

Email: service@photohadar.co.il


Working hours:

From Sunday till Thursday

From 8:00 AM to 17:00 PM



For further details about the products of above listed companies represented by "Hadar", please double click on the relevant company logo appearing in our home page.